Philosophy of Journalism

Journalism has always been something that has always surrounded me and therefore made me very curious to find new and unique ways to express my ideas and feelings. It would be lovely to stand out of the normal realm of what people expect and give people shock value when seeking news and information. My interest have always lied in the arts, especially music. Being a music journalist has always been an interest of mine.

In the first semester it has been a challenge to find direction in chaos. Having a passion for music it is both challenging and exciting to step out of the performance side and look at the story side of the production and how artists can be reported about and really looking into newsworthy art.

Journalism has an infinite amount of possibilities and could arguably be used in any way one could wish for. The elements of journalism that excites me is where it feels natural and not like an interview. Thus, I see myself being a music journalist were I don’t say, go and full on interview artists, but instead go about my musical education and stay curious and up to date of things that interest me and build my stories from that. Weather or not interviews are conducted.

As a journalist I fear of annoying people and being disliked. That goes for life though.

Looking forward in the future, I need to work on my people skills. I am good at asked questions but need to become more condiment asking the rights questions and more quick on my feet to change topic and be smooths with those transitions. Both written and live reporting need to be worked on in the next 6 months, I can see getting better by getting out of my comfort zone and pushing myself to conduct interviews I would normally feel uncomfortable doing. Practice is only going to make one stronger.

After graduating I see myself working in the music industry, keeping a journalistic eye on what is happening in the industry. Maybe not working full time as a full on journalist but keeping some freelance leads where I can write stories and reports if they come up at certain times. I can see myself keeping a music blog about what I’m up to and listening to. As well as working with concert and the visual elements of journalism.