Aggregation #2: Newsstands No More

There is something comforting about grabbing the daily paper from your local newsstand on the daily commute to work.  But, with technology only advancing the glory of the newsstand is becoming obsolete. Economically it is a simple concept: people are not buying newspapers as readily so the profit isn’t there for the small businesses. Production has a cost and staff must be payed but without profit it’s hard to pay staff, and due to the technological revolution newspapers, and all printed journalism for that matter, are becoming out of date.

The little mum and pop shops that many of us remember so fondly are not seeing much hope in the near future.  Whether or not print dies, its business model will.  For all printed media, have it be newspapers, book, magazines, or CDs, the profit is not what it used to be.

Not everything is bad though. Despite a lack of the warm fuzzy feelings of  not being able to pick up a paper from the local newsstand, this technological future has some cool verses up its sleave.  For example, virtual newsstands are becoming a big fad and there are many advantages to virtual news.  For example, there is no lag time, with technology you can get news nearly immediately. As many have probably seen on social media, it is a sure way to get the latest breaking news almost instantly.

As we move into the future, both time and money are what the world revolves around, and if the e-paper and social media are the best threads and cheap and speedy, naturally society is going to progress that way.

Even Apple has a Newsstand App, which lets you find, buy, and subscribe to magazines and newspapers.  Many would argue that nothing compares to hold a real newspaper in your hands, but it looks like technology is taking over and there’s not much we can do about it.


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